Newsletters and Publications

Southward Financial Services, LLC produces a quarterly newsletter for all our clients.  The newsletter contains information on a number of financial planning topics such as tax planning, insurance, estate planning and budgeting. 


We also produce a monthly Invesmtent Update for our investment management clients.  This letter reviews the prior month's investment results and offers a short commentary on important topics.


Copies of the latest letters are included here for your information and we hope you find them helpful.  If you would like to have your own copy delivered directly to you via email, please contact us.  You should know that we do not disclose our mailing lists to any third parties as per our Privacy Policy, so you will not receive any junk email by signing up.

Monthly Investment Updates

Important Disclosures

Southward Financial Services, LLC publishes newsletters and other occasional  materials as a service to its clients and friends.  These materials are informational only and are meant to educate the readers on various financial topics.  Nothing in any of these communications should be interpretted or construed to be rendering personalized investment, tax or financial planning advice.  The publications are not providing legal, tax, accounting, or other advice specific to your situation and should not be relied upon as such. 


Past performance may not be indicative of future results.  The diversified index shown in the various letters is to illustrate the possible growth pattern of a mix of investments and cannot be purchased as a single investment.  The index is not an investment recommendation.